Ensuring Successful Transition From One Provision to Another

Ensuring Successful Transition From One Provision to Another


From Pre-School to Reception:


  • The school usually receives information about the new starters from the Local Education Authority at the end of April prior to the children starting school. Where Nurseries have indicated that children have SEN the school will make contact with the nursery to discuss the needs of the child and arrange a transition meeting with the nursery, parent/carer and any other relevant agencies. This will be attended either by the school SENCO or the Foundation Stage Team Leader.
  • Any relevant Assess – Plan – Do – Review Cycle’s or Education, Health & Care Plans will be acted on by the SENCO and Class Teacher.
  • During the Summer Term a phone call is made to all nurseries that have children allocated to start Layton School prior to their induction.
  • Parents/carers are invited to an Induction Meeting in April where they are introduced to staff including Class Teachers, Learning Support Assistants, SENCO, Learning Mentor and Family Engagement Worker.
  • Any necessary arrangements for support, health plans or a graduated induction will be discussed and agreed with parents prior to the child starting school.
  • During the first week of September Class Teachers and Learning Support Assistants carry out home visits where parents/carers, again, have the opportunity to discuss any specific needs their child may have.
  • The children have a phased induction into school during the month of September. Where a child has difficulty settling or following rules and routines this induction period may be extended in consultation with parents/carers.
  • Parents/carers have the opportunity to meet with Class Teachers on a daily basis to discuss progress or concerns.
  • Assess - Plan – Do – Review Cycles will be reviewed after the first half term in school.
  • Baseline assessments will be made of all children during the first six weeks of school. This will be done via everyday activities, observations and interactions with the children in school.

From Year 6 (Primary School ) to Year 7 (Secondary School)


  • Year 6 Team Leader liaises with Year 7 leaders of the Secondary Schools receiving the Year 6 pupils during the Summer Term.
  • Year 7 staff visit children within Layton School.
  • Year 6 children have induction visits to the secondary schools during the Summer term prior to starting secondary school. Where necessary additional visits may be requested in consultation with the secondary school and parents.
  • Informal discussions between SENCO’s at both school may take place.
  • Where necessary transition meetings will be held with the SENCO of both schools, parents/carers, pupils and the relevant supporting agencies to discuss the needs of the child and provision that is to be made.
  • Children with Education, Health and Care plans will have a transition review scheduled where a member of the Local Authority SEN team will be present.
  • All SEN records for Year 6 children are copied and sent to the relevant secondary school during the final weeks of the Summer Term.


Within Year Transition


Wherever possible the school likes to determine as much information as possible about any pupils joining the school who have SEN/D. This is to ensure that the correct support and provision can be put in place from the beginning to ensure a successful start to schooling at Layton. Therefore the school may delay a starting date until the required information has been gathered from any of the following sources:


  • Information request from the previous school.
  • Meeting with parents to discuss needs and support.
  • Meeting with school nurse to complete a Health Care Plan.
  • Meeting with other supporting professional agencies.


Once the school is satisfied that, wherever possible, all relevant information has been obtained, a starting date will be given provided that a valid birth certificate has been produced. Targets set at the previous school will be monitored and may be subject to amendment in accordance with Layton School’s own assessment procedure.