How To Make A Complaint

How To Make a Complaint


If a parent/carer or child is not happy with the way that the school is dealing with a child’s learning needs, the following action should be:


  1. Discuss the issues with the class teacher and SENCO.  (Sometimes misunderstandings can arise and it is important that parents and school work as a partnership).


  1. If a problem still exists then the Head teacher or Deputy Head teacher will meet with parent/ carer and SENCO to discuss the matter further. 


  1. The Head teacher /Deputy Head teacher will always have to judge how best to use the school’s available resources for the benefit of both the individual child and the whole school community.


  1. If the problem is unresolved the parent/carer can then contact the governing body in writing.


  1. If there is still no agreement the parents have the right to appeal to the LEA.  The guidelines under the 1996 Education Act will then be followed.