Ensuring Successful Transition From One Provision to Another

Ensuring Successful Transition From One Provision to Another


From Pre-School to Reception:


  • School will make contact with all early years providers to ensure a smooth transition to our school. 
  • Any necessary arrangements for support, health plans or a graduated induction will be discussed and agreed with parents prior to the child starting school.
  • During the first week of September Class Teachers and Learning Support Assistants carry out home visits where parents/carers will have the opportunity to discuss any specific needs their child may have.
  • The children have a phased induction into school during the month of September. Where a child has difficulty settling or following rules and routines this induction period may be extended in consultation with parents/carers.

From Year 6 (Primary School) to Year 7 (High School)

  • Year 6 Team Leader liaises with all High Schools
  • Year 7 staff visit children within Layton Primary School.
  • Year 6 children have induction visits to the high schools during the Summer term. Where necessary additional visits may be requested in consultation with the high school and parents.
  • Where necessary transition meetings will be held with the SENDCO of both schools, parents/carers, pupils and the relevant supporting agencies to discuss the needs of the child and provision that is to be made.

Non-routine admissions

Where possible, Layton Primary School will contact the previous school to gather all relevant information. This is to ensure a successful transition to our school. The school may delay a starting date until the required information has been gathered from any of the following sources:

  • Information request from the previous school.
  • Meeting with parents to discuss needs and support.
  • Meeting with school nurse to complete a Health Care Plan.
  • Meeting with other supporting professional agencies.

Once the relevant information has been obtained, a starting date will be given provided that a valid birth certificate has been produced.